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Perebendya. Poem of Taras Shevchenko. Translated by John Weir. Illustrations by Taras Shevchenko.Taras Shevchenko
1839, St. Petersburg 
(Санкт Петербург)

Translated by John Weir

Interview with a Translator. Michael Naydan

Read an interesting interview with Michael Naydan.


Катерина. Kateryna. Кохайтеся чорнобриві. Katerina, poem of Taras Shevchenko. Translated into English by John WeirTaras Shevchenko

"Катерина", поема / "Кохайтеся, чорнобриві"

"Kateryna", poema / "Kokhaytesya, chornobryvi"

St. Petersburg, 1838

Translated by John Weir

Taras Shevchenko for all ages by Myron B. Kurops. About the Poetry of Taras Shevchenko, translated from the Ukrainian by Peter FedynskyUpon learning of the English-language publication of “The Complete Kobzar” by Peter Fedynsky, one could reasonably ask: do we really need another English language translation of Shevchenko’s poems? The answer is a resounding yes! For two reasons. The first is that this is the first English translation of the “Kobzar” in its entirety. The second reason is articulated by Prof. Michael M. Naydan in his introduction (“A Kobzar for a New Millennium”) to the book: “to convey the poet’s verse in a modern English idiom that could be easily understood by readers of today.”

Poem of Taras Shevchenko
"Chy ne pokynut' nam, neboho"
("Чи не покинуть нам, небого")
1861, St. Petersburg, (С. - Петербург)

Taras Shevchenko's poem
"Yakos'-to yduchy unochi"
("Якось-то йдучи уночі")
1860, St. Petersburg, (С. - Петербург)


Taras Shevchenko, The Kobzar of the Ukraine, English translation by Alexander Jardine Hunter, Front cover

"The Kobzar of the Ukraine". Being select Poems of Taras Shevchenko. Done into English Verse with Biographical Fragments by Alexander Jardine Hunter.

Title page of the book

Vira RichVera Rich was an accomplished translator of Ukrainian and Belarussian literature and poetry. 

The Poetical Works of Taras Shevchenko. The Kobzar. Translated from the Ukrainian by С.H. Andrusyshen and Watson Kirkconnell,1964, Title page of the book

The poetical works of Taras Shevchenko:
"The Kobzar"

(Translated by Constantine Henry Andrusyshen and Watson Kirkconnell​).

Title page of the book

Taras Shevchenko's poem
"Mii Bozhe mylyi, znovu lykho!"
("Мій Боже милий, знову лихо!")
1859, S.- Petersburg (С.- Петербург)

Poem of Taras Shevchenko
"Ne zavydui bahatomu"
("Не завидуй багатому")
1845, Myrhorod (Миргород)

Taras Shevchenko's poem
"Ne zhenysia na bahatii"
("Не женися на багатій")
1845, Myrhorod (Миргород)

Poem of Taras Shevchenko
"Dumka" / "Teche voda v synie more"
("Думка" / "Тече вода в синє море")
1838, S.- Petersburg (С.- Петербург)

Translated by John Weir

Taras Shevchenko's poem
"Prychynna" / "Reve ta stohne Dnipr shyrokyi"
("Причинна" / "Реве та стогне Дніпр широкий")
1837, S.- Petersburg (С.- Петербург)

Poem of Taras Shevchenko
"Son" / "U vsiakoho svoia dolia"
("Сон" / "У всякого своя доля")
1844, S.- Petersburg (С.- Петербург)

Roman Koropeckyj, translator Shevchenko's Poems in EnglishRoman Koropeckyj is Professor of Slavic Languages & Literatures at the University of California, Los Angeles. He received his B.A. in Comparative Literature at Columbia University in 1976 and his Ph.D. at Harvard University in 1990. He specializes in Polish and Ukrainian literature.



Boris Dralyuk, translator Shevchenko's Poems in EnglishBoris Dralyuk - adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Univesity of California, Los Angeles. He received his B.A. in 2004, and Ph.D. in  Slavic Languages and Literatures in 2011, from Univesity of California, L.A. (UCLA)


Alexander John Motyl, translator Shevchenko's Poems in EnglishAlexander John Motyl (Олександр Мотиль) is a Ukrainian-American historian, political scientist, poet, writer, translator and painter.

Taras Shevchenko poems. Ukrainian poet. Shevchenko's poem in English. Poetry translated into English. Ukrainian poems, Haidamaki. Illustrations by Taras ShevchenkoTaras Shevchenko's poem
"Haidamaki" / "Vse yde, vse mynaie — i kraiu nemaie"
("Гайдамаки" / "Все йде, все минає — і краю немає")
1841, S.- Petersburg (С.- Петербург)

Michael M. Naydan, translator Shevchenko's Poems in EnglishMichael M. Naydan, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures.
Dr. Naydan has published over 30 articles on literary topics and more that 50 translations in journals and anthologies.


Taras Shevchenko. House of Shevchenko’s Parents in the Village of Kyrylivka. Pencil. 1843.Poem of Taras Shevchenko
"Yakby vy znaly, panychi"
("Якби ви знали, паничі")
1850, Orenburh (Оренбург)

Translated by John Weir

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