Taras Shevchenko's poem "To little Maryana" (Translated from Ukrainian by Vera Rich)

Taras Shevchenko


("Malenjkij Mar'jani" / "Маленькій Мар'яні")

Grow up, grow up, my little bird,
My poppy flower, open 
And blossom forth in loveliness 
Before your heart is broken,
While folk still have not learned of the 
Quiet valley!... For if they 
Knew of it, for sport they’d parch it,
Cast it then away.
Neither, in the mantle of 
Their beauty, will young years 
Protect you, nor your hazel eyes,
Bathed in sparkling tears,
Nor a maiden’s tranquil heart,
To evil ways unwise,
15 They will not protect, nor blindfold 
The insatiate eyes,—
Evil ones will find you, rob you...
And, poor child, will throw 
You down to Hell... And you will curse 
The Lord, from out your woe.
Do not blossom, my new flower,
Flower still unopened!
Wilt and wither quietly,
Before your heart is broken!

Poem of Taras Shevchenko
"Malenjkij Mar'jani"
("Маленькій Мар'яні")
1845, V’yunyshcha, (В’юнище)

Translated by Vera Rich

Source of the original poem in Ukrainian:
Taras Shevchenko. Zibrannja tvoriv: U 6 t. — Kyjiv, "Naukova dumka", 2003. Tom 1: Poezija 1837 - 1847, stor. 366; stor. 748 - 749.

Source of English translation of the poem: Taras Shevchenko."Song out of Darkness". Selected poems translated from the Ukrainian by Vera Rich. London, 1961, p. 83.

Here you can find Ukrainian text of the Taras Shevchenko's poem:
Original poem in Ukrainian

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