Taras Shevchenko, poem "Song" (English translation by Vera Rich)

(Dumka "Teche voda v synje more")

The  waters  flow  down  to  the  sea
And  never  more  return;
A  Cossack  goes  to  seek  his  fortune,
—  Fortune  there  is  none.
The  Cossack  journeys  far  away
Where  dance  the  dark  blue  waves,  —
Like  them  the  Cossack’s  heart  is  dancing,
But thought  speaks  and  says:
“Where  do  you  journey,  without  asking?
To  whose  care  abandoned
Father,  and  your  dear  old  mother,
And  a  fair  young  maiden?
In  foreign  parts  the  folk  are  strange,
And  hard  to  live,  indeed,
Among them ;  — none  to  share  your  tears,
No  one  with  whom  to  speak”.
The  Cossack  sits  there  on  the further
Shore  —  the  blue  waves  dance.
He dreamed  that  he would find  good  fortune:
Sorrow  crossed  his  path.
And п о л у   the cranes  fly  in  long  skeins
Towards  the  furtheh  shore.
The  Cossack  weeps  —  the  beaten  tracks
Are  overgrown  with  thorns.

Taras Shevchenko
"Dumka / "Teche voda v synje more""
(Думка/"Тече вода в синє море")
1838, S - Peterburg (С.- Петербург)

Translated by Vera Rich

Original publication:
Taras Shevchenko, “N. N. (Meni trynadtsiatyi mynalo…),”
Zibrannia tvoriv u 6 tomakh, Кyiv: Naukova dumka,
2003, p. 36–37.

Taras Shevchenko. Works. Volume 12. Shevchenko's poetry in translations.
Edited  by  Bolidan  Krawciw.  Printed by  Mykola Denysiuk Printing Company
Chicago,  Illinois  —  USA, 1963,  page 33.

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