T. Shevchenko's poem "Once more the post has brought to me" (tr. by Vera Rich)

Once more the post has brought to me
("I znov meni ne pryvezla")

Once more the post has brought to me
Nothing,  nothing  from  Ukrainel
For sinful  deeds, it seems to be,
I  suffer  in  this  desert  plain,
Punished fay w rathful  God. To know
The reason  why  is  not for  me,
I  do  not  even  wish  to  know I  ...
But my  heart  weeps  bitterly
When  T  recall  what  used to  be,
Those days,  those  happenings  that  once  rolled,
Although  not  joyful,  over  me,
In  my  own  Ukraine  of  old.
Of old,  great  oaths  they  swore,  and  vowed
To be  my  brothers  and  sisters  dear,
Until  we  parted  like  a  cloud,
Without the  holy  dew  of  tears.
So  in  m y  old  age,  I  go
Blaming  again  and  cu  — ...N o ,  Nol
From  cholera  they  must  have  died  —
Or  else  a  scrap  a t  least  they’d  try
To  send,  of  paper. . .
. . .  Ah,  from  anxiety  and  grief,
That  I  might  not  watch  them  read
Their letters,  there,  beside  the  sea,
I’ll  take  a  -walk  along  the  seashore,
That  I  might  distract  nay  sorrow,
Might  recall  my  dear  Ukraine,
Sing  a  well-loved  song  again.
Men  would  tell  them,  men  betray  me;  —
Song  has  good  advice  to  say  me,
Will  advise,  distract  my  grief,
And  speak  to  me  the  blessed  truth.


Taras Shevchenko
"I znov meni ne pryvezla"
("І знов мені не привезла")

1848, Kosaral (Косарал)

Translated by Vera Rich

Original publication:

Taras Shevchenko. Zibrannja tvoriv: U 6 t. — K., 2003. — T. 2: Poezija 1847-1861. — S. 158; 654

Taras Shevchenko. Works. Volume 12. Shevchenko's poetry in translations.
Edited  by  Bolidan  Krawciw.  Printed by  Mykola Denysiuk Printing Company
Chicago,  Illinois  —  USA, 1963,  page 62.



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