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Taras Shevchenko. Bukvar pivdennorusky - title page"Bukvar pivdennorusky" is the last Shevchenko's book but it borrows a special place among of his wheen lifetime publications. This book composed of the best samples of folklore and partly of his own works for teaching children how to read and write Ukrainian language in Sunday schools. "Bukvar" was released a relatively large circulation (10 thousand copies) of the author means. Moreover, the money from the sale of this book put in to the needs of country and Sunday schools. This fact confirms that Shevchenko paid great attention to the education problems. However, this book was the cheapest among similar publications and was available to the general public. Shevchenko was selling it for the price of 3 coints.

World's largest Kobzar poetry book by Taras ShevchenkoAmbassadors of foreign countries presented outstanding literary works, which are as important for their countries as Shevchenko's "Zapovit" for Ukraine. The world's largest edition of the "Kobzar" poetry collection was presented at the event. A two-meter-high book contains several poems.